Beautiful Skin Tips
Having clear, radiant looking skin can go a long way in boosting your confidence, and its easily one of the best beauty assets one can have, and one that is much sought after.

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Signature Spa Packages

Our Spa Packages are for the person who simply cannot find time for themselves, because they are always so busy taking care of everyone else. At Deslava Spa, we make it possible and we make it easy for you. Let us take care of you to make certain you relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy some quality time just for you.

Add these popular 'Add-Ons' to your Spa Package

Yonka Fruit Mask - Toning, Hydrating & soothing(mask only)$23
Collagen Face Mask - Toning, Hydrating & soothing (mask only)$19
Collagen Eye Mask - Toning, Hydrating & soothing$15
Anti-Ageing Peel$37
Algomask (for sensitive, couperose, acne skin)(mask only)$23
Eye Treatment With Eye Mask$29
Mini Massage - Relaxing Back Massage before facial$29
Paraffin Hand Treatment $15
Hand Treatment with Exfoliation and Massage - $15    Add Paraffin$25
Feet Treatment with Exfoliation and Massage -  $15    Add Paraffin$25
Polish Application Only$15
Polish Removal & Application$20
Brow/Lip Wax$15

Cleopatras Retreat ~ 1 hr.

Relax, unwind, and restore wellness in both body and mind with our luxurious Cleopatra Spa Treatment. Warm, aromatic towels, a totally relaxing body massage, then, sip on a glass of champagne while soaking in a sudsy, invigorating, bath. Ceopatra would be envious!


Detoxifying Body Treatment ~ 1 hr.

There is nothing better to make you feel good in your skin. Warm, aromatic towels, a relaxing Body Scrub to rid your skin of dead cells, then a Seaweed Body Wrap to help rehydrate your skin. Finish with a relaxing tub rinse.


Stress Relief Body Awakening ~ 1 hr.

Are you having one of THOSE days? We can help! Feel your stress disolve. Aromatic Warming wtith hot towels, an Invigorating Body Scrub to exfoliate dead skin and increase blood flow followed by a 35 minute Relaxing Massage. Stress?.....What Stress?


Ecstasy From the Sea ~ 2.5 - 3 hrs.

Essential Steps of your treatment:
- Warm Arm Aromatic Back Compress
- Exfoliating Back Scrub with Plant Extract
- Soothing Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage
- Aromatic Seaweed Mask
- Relaxing Foot Treatment & Spa Manicure
- Spa Pedicure & Hand Treatment

$175 ~ With Foot Treatments & Spa Manicure
$195 ~ With Spa Pedicure & Hand Treatment

Diva for A Day ~ 3.5 hrs.

Is there a better way to spend some quality time on yourself?
Enjoy a lazy afternoon doing nothing but being pampered!

- Warm Aromatic Back Compress
- Exfoliating and Hydrating Back Scrub
- Anti Ageing Collagen Facial
- Regular Polish Pedicure
- Exfoliating and Moisturizing Hand Treatment

....Ahh! Why can't there be more days like this?


Signature Body Treatments

To achieve maximum benefit from your visit to Deslava Spa, we recommend several strategic treatment combinations. Talk to our staff about your specific spa needs and we can suggest the best total body treatment.

Add these popular 'Add-Ons' to your Body Treatment

Yonka Fruit Mask - Toning, Hydrating & soothing$29
Collagen Face Mask - Toning, Hydrating & soothing$29
Collagen Eye Mask - Toning, Hydrating & soothing$19
Anti-Ageing Peel$37
Hydrating Facial Mask (Application of mask only)$23
Oxygenating Facial Mask (Application of mask only) $23
Algomask (for sensitive, couperose, acne skin)$29
Eye Treatment$30
Back/Decolte/Shoulder massage, 20 min. before facial$39
Hand Treatment - $15    With Paraffin$25
Feet Treatment -  $15    With Paraffin$25
Application of Nail Polish$15
Brow/Lip Wax$15

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy is the perfect solution to cold, story weather.

Harness the healing power of heat for total body well-being. Therapeutic hot stones soothe muscle tension and take you to a deeper state of relaxation and balance. Take a deep breath of aromatic oils, and as one stone cools, another heated stone replaces it. A fabulous treatment for inflammation or muscle injury. The esthetician might also leave heated stones in specific points along your spine, or in the palms of your hand, or even between your toes to improve the flow of energy in your body.

30 min ~ $62
45 min ~ $79

Heavy Legs Treatment

Do your feet and legs feel heavy and tired after a long day standing or after a hot day? This treatment stimulates blood circulation, leaving your legs feeling light and tension free again.

- Warm Aromatic Foot Compress
- Hydrating Exfoliation
- Draining Massage
- Leg & Foot Wrap

40 min ~ $55
With Pedicure ~ $95

Soft & Relaxing Body Exfoliation & Moisturizing

A Botanical Exfoliation procedure using citrus extracts to eliminate dead skin cells and rough patches from your body. This Treatment helps soften, hydrate and tone your skin, leaving you with a deep sense of relaxation.

- Warm Aromatic Back & Foot Compress
- Invigorating & Hydrating Scrub
- Application of Moisturizing Body Lotion

Full Body ~ $91
Back only ~ $48

Pupa Makeup

Founded in the 1970's on the outskirts of Milan, Italy (one of the world"s great international design centers), PUPA owes its spectacular success to its incredible makeup kits. Originally targeted to a teenage market, PUPA's bold designs, rich colors, intrinsic quality and creativity soon captured the attention of an increasingly sophisticated market. PUPA's dedication to extensive scientific research has yielded incredible results. Each PUPA product not only enhances a woman's natural beauty, but actually combines the latest in skin care technology to protect and improve the skin.

If you're looking for that glamour look that only quality make-up can give you, then check out this beautiful, seductive cosmetics line. Pupa cosmetics, a name that's taking the world by storm. Pupa is well-packaged, fashionable and tempestuous...way beyond the ordinary; the perfect combination of style and elegance.

Visit Pupa Italy

Make-up Services

Make-up application$40
Make-up Lesson$99 - Includes Makeup Application

Tinting Services

Lash Curl w Lash Tint$80
Lash Curl Only$60
Eyelash Tint$26
Eyebrow Tint$19


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